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Stephanie Ly

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Stephanie Ly
27 years old
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“the beginning”
I was born November 27, a Sagittarius and a middle child no doubt! I was born and raised in Calgary, AB – Canada with 2 sisters, both 2 years apart from me.  I went to private school for awhile but hated it, so I switched back to public school where I quickly learned how to be a rebellious teenager.  But even though I was hell-bent against listening to my parents, I wasn’t a bad child…I was actually quite shy and quiet…more the artsy type if you can believe that!!

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High school was where I really came out of my shell though…slowly the arts faded away and I started wanting to just hang out with friends and skip school (tsktsk) I quit chinese school, piano (even though I was a champ at it)…pretty much anything that wasn’t fun I quit.  I graduated with honors still and went on to study at my local university – first trying out Engineering and then decided to stick with an Accounting degree.  I’m definitely more of a numbers person…and can you blame me?  It’s true what they say about asians!

I worked in the Oil and Gas industry as an accountant but quickly grew to hate it….actually I never liked it. It was way too boring and the hours were horrible, as I am not a morning person either.  I started working in nightclubs to make extra money and loved it!

“adventure strikes”
Here comes the fun stuff!  Randomly, I was asked to help out at a carshow in my city, and as much as I didn’t want to do volunteer work on a Saturday afternoon, I did.  Little did I know that day would shape the next few years of my life.  I was spotted by a model recruiter and was asked to come back as a model.  Things snowballed after that….

I became the face of BF Goodrich on tour in Canada, and got picked up as a Prestigious Model on tour in the states!  I made the decision to quit my day job and never looked back.  Within the year I was traveling almost every weekend to a different city, making new friends, going to crazy parties, and getting to see new things.  I got booked non-stop back to back with magazines, interviews, and tradeshows.  I wasn’t shy about getting up on stage and hosting a crowd…I loved it.  It became a part of who I was.  I went on to travel internationally, hosting parties and working overseas even!  In 2008 I started work on a project with a company called Fighters Nation which became a huge part of my life!  We even have a television show still in the works, clothing lines, and more….the rest is still to come!

So years later, here I am…I have shut down my other paid site and replaced it with this blog.  I’m still modeling and traveling, and I can’t wait to expand my horizons into TV hosting, and exploring more of the world. I still work at the clubs as well, and I love what I do.  I’m working on my absolute career goals which you’ll know soon…lol gotta keep some mystery between us!!  I love what I’ve done but feel like I’m older, hopefully a little bit wiser…and this is my way of sharing who I am and who I’ve become – I hope you enjoy it and come back!!

XOXO Steph Ly

HEIGHT: 5′2″
WEIGHT: 105 lbs


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